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About India on Bicycle

Family Friendly Cycling Holidays

First thing first, we are not a 'Cycle Racing' or 'Everest Trekking' company but a Cycling, Walking and Multi-Sport Holidays company where the emphasis is as much on activity as on comfort, safety and enjoyment of our guests.

We offer a wide selection of active holidays in India, Nepal and Bhutan for people of all ages and ability. Indeed, our active tours truly reflect the people behind this venture, who share an intense spirit of travel and passion for outdoors.

Our cycling holidays are suitable for individuals, families and groups. SELECT A TOUR FROM OUR LIST OR WRITE TO US FOR A CUSTOM FAMILY CYCLING TRIP. We also offer a wide range of special interest activities with our bike tours - hiking, wildlife, horse riding, etc - that will make your holiday with your children a truly memorable one.


  • India on Bicycle is the active holidays brand of Periplus Travel, a large India destination management company with decades of experience and excellent relationship with hotels and other travel related service providers. Whether it is your cycling trip or your pre or post travel requirements, we are well equipped to look after all your needs.
  • Our company is approved by the Department of Tourism, Government of India, and we are a member of the prestigious Indian Association of Tour Operators (IATO).
  • Managed by a team of travel professionals (with a collective experience of decades in organising outdoor travel related services), we have own offices in North (New Delhi) and South India (Cochin) as well as a vast network of associate offices in over 30 cities of India.
  • We have direct whole sale rate contracts with hotels across India…a price advantage we extend to our clients.


  • Our cycling guides are immensely experienced and go that extra mile to make your holiday comfortable and enjoyable.
  • Our walking experts have spent years trekking and walking in the hills and villages of all parts of the Himalayas.
  • We take pride in our experienced and multi-talented support staff who are forever ready to offer you assistance.
  • We are able to provide local assistance in almost all cities of India through our network of associate offices.
  • Culture guides and naturalists are used for sightseeing and wildlife safaris so that you can experience and learn from experts.


  • Efficiency is the key. From that first communication to the end of your tour, our response will be swift, accurate and detailed.
  • There is no compromise on your comfort, safety, and enjoyment.
  • Our itineraries are well-researched - they take you to areas of outstanding cultural and natural beauty and offer a comfortable balance of active and leisure time.
  • The hotels we use in major cities are some of the best while in smaller places the hotels we use are THE best available. We know them all personally and have worked with them for numerous years.
  • We ogranise trips for groups of just about any size from two people up to any reasonable number. Although we have listed some predefined cycling tours we are happy to customize tours for you as per your interests. We also provide fully supported tours for groups, clubs and charities.


  • We charge reasonable prices for quality trips. Our prices are transparent with HOTEL NAMES and INCLUSIONS / EXCLUSIONS clearly mentioned. We do not believe in misleading our clients by 'lead in' prices with everything else shown as separately chargeable.

Write to us for any query on active travel in India at contact@periplustravel.com and we will be delighted to assist you.