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Culinary and Special Interest Travel on Bicycle

In India, there is stunning diversity of religions, ethnicities, peoples and cultures and the towns are cornucopia of images. And born out of these complex interactions between different races and cultures over several thousand years are rich and varied traditions of paintings, textiles, cuisines, to name a few. Interesting cycling journeys can be woven around them - studying, exploring and discovering.

We have no pre-defined itineraries for our special interest cycling journeys, just lots of ideas, subject experts, and a large repertoire of suitable destinations. We custom design tours for all our guests as per their specific requirements. Just let us know where your interest lies and when you wish to travel. Leave the rest to us!

Cycling and Culinary Tour

Due to the vastness of its territory and diverse ethnic groups, India is blessed with an extremely large repertoire of cuisines - from juicy tender kebabs of the Mughalai cuisine of the North to the exotic Moppilah cuisine of Tellicherry in Kerala, from immeasurable variety of ingredients and methods of preparation to varied cooking practices. Food aficionados have limitless options to explore in India.

Tell us what interests you and what your taste buds like and we will design a cuisine experience just for you. We draw from our intimate knowledge of Indian cuisines, regions and cultures and we know some of the most authentic cuisine practitioners and outlets to take you to. Our tours are not just about food, they connect you with the people, places and stories behind the food.

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Cycling and Painting Tour

Indian paintings provide an aesthetic continuum that extends from ancient civilizations to the present day. Each style of painting, whether it is miniature, glass, Warli, murals or Madhubani, has a distinct character of its own and provides an insight into the intellectual and cultural sensibilities of the people who paint them. While murals are huge works executed on walls, miniatures are executed on a small scale on perishable materials, and while Warli paintings illustrate simplicity Tanjore paintings depict richness.

Explore traditional Indian paintings with us and we would take you to some of the priceless collections of Indian rajas and maharajas in their forts and palaces. You may choose to follow a particular style of painting or survey the best that India has to offer. You may also participate in painting workshops, organized upon request, to learn a range of skills directly from the painters.

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Cycling and Religion Tour

There is more diversity of religions in India than anywhere on earth. Apart from having representations from almost all the religions of the world, India is also the birthplace of Hinduism and Buddhism as well as two religions unique to India, Sikhism and Jainism.

Each religion in India has its own pilgrimage sites, gods, heroes, legends, customs and traditions and even culinary specialties. Whether it's the gathering of millions of faithful at the Kumbh Mela, bowing in prayer in the courtyard of a mosque during Eid, decorating the houses with lamps during Diwali, or the vibrant festivities during Christmas, religious festivals of India are celebrations of shared emotion that bring people together.

Let us design a cycling tour for you that gives you detailed insight into the spiritual and religious side of this ancient mythical land.

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Cycling and Wildlife Tour

Thanks to a vast variation in geography and climate, India has exciting diversity in habitats and wildlife with nearly 350 mammals, 2100 species of birds and thousands of fish and reptiles. Of the highly endangered species, India has 55% of world's tiger population, 50% of Asiatic Elephant, 60% of One-horned Rhino and 100% of Asiatic Lion. Unlike Africa where all major species have almost exclusive habitats, in India, they co-exist in the wildlife parks providing excellent opportunities for wildlife viewing.

Today India has 100 major National Parks, 441 Wildlife Sanctuaries, 9 bird reserves and 15 UNESCO Biosphere Reserves dotted around the country. In India you are never very far from a wildlife reserve. Most of these wildlife parks and sanctuaries have good accommodation facilities available within their premises or nearby. Depending on the area and terrain, wildlife watching may be done from elephant-back, jeeps, watchtowers or even boats.

India is also the last hope of tiger before it gets extinct. The big cat is found throughout India — the swamps of the Sunderbans, the foothills of the Himalayas, the Central Indian Plains or the forests of South India.

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