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Cycling in South India

Most of India still lives in small villages in the countryside and nowhere is the countryside more picturesque than in South India. A trip to the southern part of India brings you closer to Indian culture and people, reconnects with nature, introduces to picture-perfect beaches and gives you an opportunity to explore the phenomenal ancient architecture.

Our below cycling trip in South India includes the highlights of three southern states of Karnataka, Tamil Nadu and Kerala. For Kerala only trips, please visit our KERALA page.

Glimpses of South India (15 Days)

This cycling trip of the 3 southern Indian states of Tamil Nadu, Karnataka and Kerala includes some of the most popular destinations as well as lesser known jewels, hidden from the busy tourist trails.


TOUR PRICE: US$ 2995 (Category-1 Hotels), US$ 4255 (Category-2 Hotels)

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DATES: Daily departures in JAN, FEB, MAR, APR, SEP, OCT, NOV, DEC

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Custom Guided Cycling Trips in South India
Self-Guided Bike Trips in South India

Thinking about a tailor-made cycling tour with your family or friends? We specialize in creating perfect bespoke cycling itineraries.

We customize guided as well as self-guided cycling tours as per your specific requirements and preferences. These tours can be designed for clubs, organisations, families or groups of friends of just about any size from two people up to any reasonable number. Customized biking tours offer you personalized experiences based on your budget and your riding style.

We put to use our comprehensive, in-depth knowledge of India – knowledge that enables us to devise tours using the most suitable combinations of routes and accommodations. We have our own infrastructure in most parts of India and we can organize a custom cycling tour in any of the tour regions.

Whether it is a self-guided tour or a fully supported one, we are available 24/7 for client support. And with our presence in over 35 cities of India we are never far from you...

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